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All good (& some stats)

Dear folks,

just to let you know,
everything is all good, the systems are up and running and we are even working on some exciting stuff.
The coffee is hot and so very tasty. :-)

Anyhow, our traffic is still doubling every month and we are quite happy to announce a lot more is coming from Iran these days. We even had our first click from South Korea and Saudi Arabia and we are very excited about that.

Still percentage-wise most of the clicks do come from the States even though Brazil and Germany are trying to catch up. Since Chilp is a german based company it’s no wonder Germany is quite high up in this list. We also have a lot of fans in Brazil which makes us proud too.

And yes, it’s fantastic to see China in the Top 5 click list:

1. United States
2. Germany
3. Brazil
4. China
5. Belgium

Happy clicking and thanks a lot for your support!

If you have a question just drop us a line and we’ll get in contact with you.
Have a fine day.


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