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Some changes

Dear all,

as you all might have noticed the internet these days is a difficult place and so even our friendly short URL service https://chilp.it is often targeted. We are in our 15th year now and had our fair share of trouble keeping our servers and API online while fighting the typical abuse of rogue users. We ran the service for free as a fun side project over the years. Times have changed and the internet has too.

In order to maintain this service, these changes are effective immediately:

  • The API is no longer supported and has been decommissioned.
    Connecting to the endpoint will result in the following response:
    410 – Krch! No longer supported by shortlink API!
  • All short URLs will preview the destination URL for enhanced safety first.
    Meaning: No short URL will redirect to the destination URL without user interaction since users need to actively click a link to be redirected to the destination URL.
  • Blocked URLs will not be previewed but just blocked. :-)

Feel free to get back to us in case you have any questions.


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