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Open problem: Question marks not shown in Twitter search [Update IV: Sigh.]

Twitter is not showing any question marks in Twitter Search anymore which made our Chilp.it links break if accessed via the search.

Take a look here: http://twitter.com/Chilp/status/3145914555 (with question mark)


In the search: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=fdsfetgfdfasfgfdgeggaeg (without question mark)

Twitter 02

We opened a ticket regarding this issue and also updated Chilp.it to work without question marks too to make all broken links work again after all.
This update has been deployed very quickly and everything seems to work fine despite Twitter’s inability to display question marks via their search interface.

Twitter will hopefully fix this soon.

[Update: Twitter fixed this issue and closed our open ticket without further explanation.]

[Update II: Twitter only fixed it half since posts are able to contain “?” again but old ones are still broken. We reopened the ticket.]

[Update III: Twitter closed the ticket without a corresponding comment. We reopened it again since the problem is still there.]

[Update IV: Twitter “solved” the problem by deleting the post from the search index.¬†Sigh. http://search.twitter.com/search?q=fdsfetgfdfasfgfdgeggaeg]

I give up.

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