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Open problem: Twitter is breaking Chilp.it links, again [Solved]

Since a few hours, Twitter is breaking links shortened with Chilp.it on user pages. As a result, users aren’t able to click that particular link anymore. The link itself is perfectly alright and valid, Twitter just breaks it for some unknown reason.

This is how it looks like right now on user pages:


It is all good through the search, though:


We opened a ticket but didn’t receive any response from Twitter so far.
Sorry for the inconvenience, those folks will hopefully fix this asap.

Thanks a lot.

Update: 24 hours later, still no response. We aren’t too happy with the way Twitter handles those things.

Update II: Other users who are not using Chilp.it are reporting broken links too. Check out http://twitter.com/travel_tour.


Update III: Finally, Twitter is aware of the bug. Check the Twitter Development Talk.

Update IV: Seven days later the problem still exists. We are as unhappy as you are.

Update V: Please look here!


2 Comments so far

  1. Mike December 3rd, 2009 19:02

    I have lots of sites, but this one with twitter account http://twitter.com/travel_tour popped up with broken links also, just like the chilp.it problem. I noticed it today 12/3/09.


  2. Zalt December 3rd, 2009 19:10

    Thanks Mike,

    I will update the ticket and hope you’ll open one too: http://help.twitter.com/requests/new.
    You may also take a look here: http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-development-talk/browse_thread/thread/8992e9250fcebae4