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Unscheduled downtime [resolved]

Dear all,

http://chilp.it and http://chilp.me are currently down, we are looking into it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Feel free to take a look at http://uptime.chilp.net
Update II: We are setting up a read-only server to start serving redirects again. Hanging in there.
Update III: Our provider confirms a power cut and is working on it: “The room was cut! We are on the site to reboot the room.”
Update IV:  We are still experiencing problems with the server config and are trying to resolve it.
Update V: Services are coming back to life. Thanks a lot for your patience.

Final update: All services have been restored. No short URL’s have been harmed in the procedure.

Feel free to contact me to get a more detailed update and probably a beer too.


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